Why Is There a Cat in the Glass-Stained Windows?

The symbol of the current tour (“The Legacy of the Beast”, 2018) is a set of church windows. Several glass-stained windows depict album covers; a beautiful rose window in the middle takes up half of the stage. A magnificent view all together and probably the most impressive stage prop ever designed. Not to forget that by choosing this prop the band seems to wink at us with a smirk. The slogan “Iron Maiden is my religion” is a running gag among the fandom. The fact that Iron Maiden have decided to play a large part of “The Legacy of the Beast”-tour within their own church seems to imply that they have picked up this joke and are having a ball with it.

Having a closer look at photos the band has posted of the glass-stained windows, I discovered a pretty normal-looking grey cat atop the window which shows the cover of The Number of the Beast (1982). Within the vast world of Iron Maiden, a cat might refer to the Powerslave (1984) album, whose graphics and title song were inspired by ancient Egypt. But the cat does not look Egyptian at all, rather like the friendly cat next door.

The only explanation I can up with is that the picture refers to the cat Bruce Dickinson has mentioned in his acknowledgements in the booklets of some albums, such as The Final Frontier (2010).

If anyone has a better explanation why there is a cat among the otherwise Maiden-related artwork I am most happy to hear it.

Looking forward to reading your theories.

Update: I have just been informed about the myth of the black cat. Still, our cat is grey. The guessing goes on…There is meaning in every detail of the work of Iron Maiden. At least they make us think there is.


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