The New Podcast by Bruce Dickinson and Dr Dutton

Update: Now they want 5 bucks a month for additional content which is a bit of a disappointment.

First, my apologies, because this is not a proper blog post, but more like a fyi.

Just in case that some among you have not seen it yet: Yes, you have not misread the title. Bruce Dickinson has started a podcast together with Dr. Kevin Dutton, a psychologist who teaches at university. But, Dr Dutton does more than that, he is also touring with a spoken word tour, can be booked as a speaker for events, and has written several books. (Hm. Sounds somewhat familiar, doesn’t it? But how could this be any different?) Dr Dutton has specialised on the so called “good psychopath” (and how to become one), at least this is what I glean from the list of books he has written, so I assume that we can expect more on this in the podcast. This is also what Dickinson hints at in the teaser. Dr Dutton has already made some enemies with his expertise in psychopathology: He explains on his homepage, that he once identified Donald Trump as ranking high on the psychopath scale and received death threats as a consequence. Tbh, that story rings a bell. I just had no idea that it was him.

The podcast is called Psycho Schizo Espresso and is available on several platforms which offer podcasts, but I for my part prefer the YouTube channel of Podprod, the producer of the podcast. You do not need a registration and, as a nice plus, you can also see a video recording. Do not be surprised that there are hardly any videos online at all, I assume that the provider must still be new to the business. You can simply subscribe to the channel et voilá. I just wonder what this will look like as soon as there are more productions in this channel…I find it all a bit confusing, that apparantly several productions are supposed to be in the same channel, but we will see.

It is recommended following the hashtag #psychoschizoespresso. Dr Dutton has an account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and he has uploaded a photo or two of Dickinson and himself in an old-fashioned, beautiful library to Instagram. This hashtag is also one of the means to get in touch with them, together with the e-mail-address I honestly do not know what will happen if you do. Will they read out questions and comments in future episodes? I think it a bit unlikely that they would write back. So far, things are a bit quiet around the hashtag, especially in comparison to #whatisbelshazzarsfeast. You can definitely get in touch with the support of PodProd when you use it, at least I can tell you that.

As for content, I must say that I am not sure yet in what direction they are headed, but from what I have seen so far this looks extremely interesting. The first episode, which is only half of an episode, features Prof Dr Steven J. Friesen, who belongs to the department of Religious Studies of the University of Texas in Austin. He is an expert in all things Revelation (yes, the last book in the New Testament describing a prophetic vision of the Apocalypse), especially the historical context it was written in. This episode premiered on Halloween and now we are supposed to get a new episode after a fortnight on Tuesdays, but to my big chagrin and frustration there was none published yesterday. I had somehow hoped this would be the first Tuesday.

I like immensely what I have seen so far, but I refrain from reviewing something I have only seen half an episode of. This would hardly do the podcast justice, so I rather invite you to check it out yourself.

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