The Shakespeare Quote Shunned by the BBC

Did you know that…

The BBC shunned a Shakespeare quote? True story. This bit is one of my favourites in the history of Iron Maiden. I am talking about no other song than “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter” (No Prayer for the Dying, 1990) which started out as a solo song by Bruce Dickinson and was then requisitioned by Maiden. (Wall, 282) Despite being single no. 1 in the UK, the BBC refused to have it broadcasted on the radio and only showed short excerpts of the video. (Wall, 286) I am not excusing what the stanzas say, but the BBC should probably have realised that the title was not penned by a heavy metal singer, but bard no. 1 of England, William Shakespeare. See for yourself:

And such a daughter,
Should sure to the slaughter

Shakespeare, King Lear, Act I, Scene 4, 336


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