Off-Topic: Veteran Fencing Championship

This is somewhat off-topic, my apologies. Rumour has it that Bruce Dickinson will participate in a veteran fencing championship in Germany in late May. I have indeed located such an event, the European Veteran Team Fencing Championship in Hamburg, 25. – 29. 05. 2022 and, to my big surprise, my further inquiries revealed that the Maiden tour pauses during a part of this time span. This looks somewhat likely.

I could only locate the event homepage itself to follow results:

If anyone of you knows more about this, please leave a comment. It would be kind of cool if we could watch on our screens, right?

[Update:] Dickinson and his team, the Men Foil Grand Veterans, won silver ( It would theoretically have been possible to watch the finale, but all I got was buffering. I assume that the camera was broken, as there are no records of this part of the championship, either. This is a nuisance.

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