Wanted: Tour Reports

I am looking for concert goers and Maiden authors! For various reasons I do not hold a ticket for the current tour (yet?). So I am looking for reports and opinion pieces I can publish in here. I am looking for stuff like: How well did this weird mix of Japanese themed and Christian church themed backdrops work? What do you think of the setlist? Was it a good idea to have the spitfire at the end now? Do you think that this will be their last tour?

This is a hobby blog, so I cannot offer any payment. I’m afraid that I also cannot publish any photos showing the band and/or the stage setting for copyright reasons, even if you have taken them yourself. Photos of you and your pals, however, are of course welcome, as long as I do have print permission of all people recognisable on the photo.

If that sounds appealing you can get in touch via the respective form so that we can take it from there. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Bonus points if you can guess the venues in the photos…

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