Opinion: The Death of the Beast

Today the long-expected bad news finally hit. The Legacy of the Beast tour will have to be postponed a second time; now it is planned for 2022. Whereas Maiden could not have foreseen the Corona pandemic, I still blame them for their bad decisions. This tour will be the third leg of the same production, the third repetition of the same setlist and the same stage setting. And not only is this (albeit being very impressive) a tour featuring best of hits, it is also a repetition of the same show on European territory. I argue that most Maiden fans of the countries they have targeted a second time have seen this show already. This tour is the repetition of a repetition and now we will have to wait two years for this third leg to come about. Which would not be tragic were it not for the new album. The best part is that the new album, that, as rumour has it, is shelved, will most likely not be released until the massive encore encore is over.

How old will the band members be when the new album is supposed to be toured? I start to believe that the new album may never be toured at all. That is what I call bad decision taking and turning a blind eye on the age of the band members.

In 2023 a bewildered me will look at a new record and scratch my head because Iron something sounds so familiar. But what is being remembered by your long-term fans in comparison to the big money you make with a best of tour? I mean, let’s face it, this format, a festival and arena tour with old material that has even been toured in this set-up before, is not aimed at the long-term fans. Are Maiden not interested in us anymore? Call me pessimistic, but this approach, which I can only call Urizenic, looks like the death of the Beast to me.

3 thoughts on “Opinion: The Death of the Beast

  1. Katherine, you are not happy, but it’s hardly their fault given the huge uncertainty. It’s days 1 of the cancellation & I’m confident the material next year will be sufficiently different to previous.


    1. This is not about me being unhappy. I am simply observing something which was a nuisance when they announced it and will now slowly become a problem, the never-ending postponement of the new album and album tour. They can never produce anything new as long as there are no new songs. But apparently music is not a priority for them anymore. Otherwise they would not have decided to repeat LotB as a festival and arena tour in Europe in the first place.


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